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Door Fitting
Door fittings we deal in are suited for modern day home decor as well as furnishings. These are apt for interior as well as exterior décor applications.  These can work well if proper treatment is given to them
Garden Pipe

The Garden pipes we deal in are needed to transport water for landscaping, gardening, lawn care, and others. The said pipes are needed for the outdoor cleaning of several items such as equipment, building exteriors, vehicles and others.

Personal Safety Products

We are offering the Personal Safety Products for use in various industries like construction and others. The offered products are easy to use and made for protecting people from any kinds of mishappening.

There are various kinds of Plywood that are made available by us for use in various purposes like doors, exterior stairs, external cladding, flooring, framing and many more. It is easy to handle and suitable for all purposes.
Pneumatic Power Tools
We are offering the various kinds of Pneumatic Power Tools for use in various commercial and industrial uses. They are highly efficient and durable. They are very easy to handle and made for use in various industries.
Water Tank

Water tanks offered by us allow for the organized and simple storage of water. These are applicable for irrigation agriculture, drinking water, agricultural farming, fire suppression and others.

Wire Fencing

The offered Wire fencing is easy to use and made for keeping the place secure and safe from outsiders and any kind of danger. The wires are made using metal and are very efficient and durable.

Wooden Packaging Box And Material

The offered Wooden packaging box and material is made available by us for use in commercial and industrial applications. it is suitable for packing various types of materials and is very effective.

Wood And Wooden Blocks

We are offering the Wood And Wooden Blocks for use in various commercial and industrial uses. The offered blocks are very useful and made for an efficient use in making furniture, toys and other items.

RCC Products
We are offering the high quality RCC Products that are made available by us in various types and are very strong. They are made available for use in construction and other industries for highly effective and durable performance.